August 2022


Dear Partners

Reflecting on the growth and transformation of SBD Business Systems in the last 12 months, I am pleased to announce that there are notable positive and encouraging outcomes. The team has risen to meet the demands and challenges of business with much commitment and enthusiasm, displaying resilience and teamwork.

One of our main goals of the year is to build a robust, diverse, inclusive, empowering, and growth-energized company culture. The aim is to ensure that we build an organisation anchored by a strong value system; an organisation in which employees engage respectfully amongst themselves and with our clients, an organisation that understands the value of learning and innovation, and an organisation that prioritizes quality service. We want to create an ecosystem and atmosphere that is built on trust and relationships. Through intention and dedication, we have made remarkable progress in creating a better organization.

We have been working diligently towards our company’s vision and goals. Our vision is to be the choice provider of ICT solutions across South Africa to both public and corporate sectors. Our objective is to provide world-class print management and automated workflow process solutions through advanced technology and data. We also offer signal-boosting services to meet the connectivity demands of our client’s businesses.

We aim to expand our business by leveraging employee skills, empowering women, investing in youth, exploring bigger business opportunities, adopting sustainable focused practices, and most importantly, building a firm reputation as a trustworthy ICT partner for our clients.

Our values have given us a foundation to be a great team and organisation. Our values influence how we do business, how we sell, and how we work. We value innovation, accountability, transparency, ethics, conscientiousness, and agility.

I will always work towards an SBD TEAM that:

  • Works collectively as a team toward a common
  • Encourages and inspires each other to succeed
  • Does not compete against other team members for the individual-focused benefit
  • Welcomes and embraces constructive criticism
  • Deals decisively with feelings of self-doubt
  • Sees their professional life as an unending journey of growth and development

Themba Ndhlovu – CEO

Finance Women

One of our goals at SBD is to prioritize the professional development and recognition of our female employees. We place gender equality among the top priorities of our organisation.

A significant number of women in the organisation have transitioned into leadership roles in the past few years. We can proudly announce that our finance department is run by passionate and driven women under the leadership of the talented and accomplished Ms. Thembeka Ndhlovu.

Research indicates that having both women & men in leadership positions increases engagement, creativity as well as innovation. The 2022 theme nationally for Women’s Day celebrations was “Women’s Socio-Economic Rights and Empowerment: Building Back Better for Women’s Improved Resilience”. To build upon this theme, we will continue to create safe spaces for women to contribute effectively and confidently to our organisation.

The celebration of the successes and contributions of women at SBD is encouraged. To show appreciation to the wonderful women in the organisation this Women’s Day (09th Aug), ladies were The objective of this gesture was for SBD to contribute positively to the wellbeing of our female employees.

DUT Work Integrated Learning Program

Durban University of Technology (DUT) to provide real work experience for a period of 6 months to three DUT students as part of a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. Two of the students will join the marketing team and the other student, the Human Resources (HR) team. The learners will gain much-needed work experience, and industry knowledge and will be provided an opportunity to enhance their skills and capabilities.

With SBD’s commitment to youth development, we will ensure that these learners will successfully and effectively complete all program requirements. We will ensure that they thrive in their various roles through mentorship, information transfer, accountability, and constant feedback.

We want to elevate the future leaders of tomorrow. This partnership with DUT provides us an opportunity to upskill youth and make a positive difference in their professional lives. We see youth development as an imperative aspect of our business.

Mandela Day 2022

In honour of Mandela Day, we joined the Msunduzi Municipality – City of Choice team in cleaning a section of the historical FJ Sithole Road in Imbali on the 18th of July 2022. Team spirit and eagerness to make an impact were common qualities amongst employees.

This year’s theme was: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. It was evident that the initiative inspired many to make a difference beyond the area we had cleaned, and employees realized the role that we can each play in protecting the environment. We have embarked on other environmental sustainability-focused initiatives; working together with accredited recycling partners we have been able to recycle just over 4972 kilograms of our end-of-life electronic devices.

The Green Team

HP Amplify Impact -The Green Team

The HP Amplify Impact Sustainability Program focuses on initiatives across climate change, human rights, and digital equity.  As a Changemaker partner in the program, we have pledged to commit ourselves to joining HP’s sustainability journey and to complete a sustainability plan for our organisation which includes completing sustainability-related training and other impact-focused initiatives.

SBD advocates behavior that contributes to a sustainable environment and practices. We have formed a forum that will assist in making sure that we keep a healthy and clean environment as well as ensure that we are committing to employee wellbeing initiatives and are contributing positively to communities.

We are proud to announce, “The Green Team”, which is our sustainability group which is made up of one representative from each department at SBD.


Bolton Technical Partnership

In this digital era, great connectivity is one of the most vital aspects for any business to thrive.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Bolton Technical, who are Africa’s leading mobile phone signal booster. What does this mean for our clients?

Clear calls, stronger signals, and seamless browsing!!!

Experiencing bad reception will be a thing of the past. We are now offering signal-boosting services for our clients, providing them with an opportunity to be more productive and efficient. We are bringing an end to bad signal days!

Take this quick survey to help us improve our offering and service to you.

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SBD is one of the few truly black-owned South African printing and technology specialists, with 74% black ownership. The company has a national supply, service and support network comprising of black, in particular African, emerging entities.

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